Sierra Leone! The Land of Milk and Honey

Welcome to Sierra Leone

(A Country Known as the little Jewel in West Africa)

One most distinguishable factors about Sierra Leone is its rich and diverse cultural heritage. It is a collection of people from across West Africa, Europe, and Asia.8

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Like most of African countries, Sierra Leone served her colonial masters for years. The country was first exposed to the Europeans in the 1490s when the Portuguese discovered and named it “Sierra Leoa” (Lion Mountains). It is this Sierra Leoa that was misspelled by the British regime as Sierra Leone and adapted as the colony’s name. After persistent agitation by the indigenes, Sierra Leone was granted independence by Britain on April 27th, 1961.

Sierra Leone is not only small in size but also in its population. It has a total area of 71,740 square kilometers with a population of about 8 million people. Yet, despite this land size and small population, Sierra Leone cuts its own indomitable niche that stands out in West Africa.

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The country is an assortment of various tropical climate conditions. If you take a long drive to the south, you’ll experience the dense equatorial rain-forest environment and while going northwards, you are able to see the vast Savannah grassland. However, what you are certainly sure to experience is a warm welcoming climate that makes it unworthy to endure cold-hearted winter elsewhere.

If there is one thing that this small nation is blessed with is its rich mineral resource. Sierra Leone is famous for its diamonds. Apart from diamonds, bauxite, titanium, gold and rutile are extracted on a large scale it is estimated that the country is endowed with 39 different mineral resources.

Sierra Leone is the true jewel of Africa. She is rich in all her faculties – land, climate, people, culture, and aspirations. A visit to Sierra Leone will not only help you confirm the facts but also debunk the myths.

This land of gold and diamond waits to welcome your first step on its soil.