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A Fantastic Touristic destination !

The tourism sector in Sierra Leone was one of the top priority sectors due to the vast development demonstrated over the years. However, With the advent of deadly Covid-19, the sector is badly hit like any other.With the huge downwards flow of the global epidemic, it seems as if things are gradually returning to normalcy. This will mean that there will be inflow of foreign direct investments and tourism thereby advancing the improvements in quality and standard of the sector.


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Welcome to Sierra Leone

(A Country Known as the little Jewel in West Africa)

One most distinguishable factor about Sierra Leone is its rich and diverse cultural heritage. It is a collection of people from across West Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Like most of African countries, Sierra Leone served her colonial masters for years. The country was first exposed to the Europeans in the 1490s when the Portuguese discovered and named it “Sierra Leoa” (Lion Mountains). It is this Sierra Leoa that was misspelled by the British regime as Sierra Leone and adapted as the colony’s name. After persistent agitation by the indigenes, Sierra Leone was granted independence by Britain on April 27th, 1961.

Sierra Leone is not only small in size but also in its population. It has a total area of 71,740 square kilometers with a population of about 8 million people. Yet, despite this land size and small population, Sierra Leone cuts its own indomitable niche that stands out in West Africa.

The country is an assortment of various tropical climate conditions. If you take a long drive to the south, you’ll experience the dense equatorial rain-forest environment and while going northwards, you are able to see the vast Savannah grassland. However, what you are certainly sure to experience is a warm welcoming climate that makes it unworthy to endure cold-hearted winter elsewhere.

If there is one thing that this small nation is blessed with is its rich mineral resource. Sierra Leone is famous for its diamonds. Apart from diamonds, bauxite, titanium, gold and rutile are extracted on a large scale it is estimated that the country is endowed with 39 different mineral resources.

Sierra Leone is the true jewel of Africa. She is rich in all her faculties – land, climate, people, culture, and aspirations. A visit to Sierra Leone will not only help you confirm the facts but also debunk the myths.

This land of gold and diamond waits to welcome your first step on its soil.



The Tiwai Island wildlife sanctuary which is an inland of the Moa River is an additional entertainment sector and an excellent destination for tourists. The Island offer spectacular natural views.

Sierra Leone Is Blessed With Numerous Beautiful Islands and White Sand Beaches Amongst Them Are: -

Turtle islands which are a group of eight isles situated off the southwest peninsula The Islands are known by its character. These are the nest to the hundreds of turtles. It is inhabited by the community of fishermen. The fresh air , Fishing and swimming in the fresh and clean water makes a trip to this island a truly fascinating experience for tourists. This Island can be reached by speedboat from Freetown within 3 hours. There is an option of saving money while taking the taste of the beach by waiting for the local boat to get there.

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Banana Island is located near the Freetown Peninsula at southwest coast. It comprises of three islands, Dublin, Ricketts and Mes- Meheux. Dublin and Ricketts are the main islands. This place is perfect for snorkeling and diving. The churches of 1881 ad the old slave docks of the traders of slaves can also be enjoyed. The Island forests and bat caves are also recommended for tourists.

The Tokeh white sand beach located around the Freetown Peninsula which was the favorite destination of the French Supermodels in 1980s is a popular tourist attraction today. Cheerful surroundings, pleasant weather conditions, peaceful environment, clear waters, blossoming vegetation in the backdrop all attract the tourists.

This beach is a perfect place for vacations as they are assured that they will not be bored. There are resorts, and local guest house, accommodations



The Martello tower built to guard the Freetown from frequent attacks during the 19th century is of a great historical significance. The tower built on the Tower Hill in a round shape, has served as a powerful artillery for decades. It is also said that a water tank at the base of the tower served as one of the major water supplies for the town in the early 1870s. At the tower, you can enjoy the magnificent views of the city and learn more about the historic monument

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The bounce Island which has now become a tourism sector was one of the early British slave stations .the slave traders arrived in Africa and made this island one of the largest slave station. They came into Africa in 1670 and start enslaving Africans.

The museum a locomotive shed that has been converted into the museum was established by Col. Steve Davies MBE and his team after the state railway was shut down in 1974.

It includes a lot of interesting collections of locomotives, which were built in UK. The collections are historical heritage asset of Sierra Leone and include hardware assets, photographs, headlamps, tickets, wage boxes, etc.

The cotton contains extraordinary significance. It’s a symbol of freedom of the Africans from the slavery. At this place, the Afro-American people arrived at first. They stop at this place under the big cotton tree when they got their land as free land. They gather to sing and thank God for their

Freedom. This old cotton tree has been standing there for so long. The Supreme Court is located near the tree.

The Outamba Kilimi National Park among several others is an Eco-tourism park in Sierra Leone. This dark green forest captured by two rivers makes a magical environment and attracts most tourists. The Rivers are Great Scarcies and Mano Rivers. The dense bush is filled with some rare kind of elephants, buffaloes. This park was taken into consideration to be a National park in 1986.

Sierra Leone is also considered as a country with the best climate which are the rainy, dry seasons and the harmattan. The experience of these climatic conditions cannot be overemphasized.



The restaurant scene in Freetown offers a wide variety of international cuisine including Lebanese, European, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. African restaurants, including Senegalese and Ghanaian, also offer a taste of continental. Rice is the local staple accompanied by sauce (plasmas) such as cassava leaf, groundnut soup,


Sierra Leoneans are well known for their love of music. It is part of the fabric of everyday live in and you’ll hear it everywhere – be it pop music belting out of bars and clubs, warm reggae in taxis or poda podas, or local hip hop across the radio waves at street side stalls and markets. For so long dominated by US and regional tunes, Sierra Leone rap and reggae artists are finding their voice and their music is growing ever more popular.

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